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Why Richard Kim?

I Am Ready and Qualified:

I strongly believe the next City Attorney should be a veteran, not a stranger to this office. I got into this race only after it became clear that no one else from the City Attorney’s office was going to run. I know how the City Attorney’s office functions and how it should function.

Everyone else in the City Attorney’s race has only the slightest idea how the City Attorney’s office operates, its mission and its limits, and it shows in their campaign rhetoric. For example, when my rivals outline their plans for “solving” the homeless crisis, they are mostly blowing smoke, misleading voters. To hear them talk, the City Attorney’s office is a social service agency and a housing provider. It is time to speak truth, not nonsense.

I strongly believe the next City Attorney should be someone, like myself, with a background of lengthy public service, whose client has been the People of Los Angeles. Many of my opponents grew up – and got rich – working in the private law firm culture.

Los Angeles voters should think twice about electing any City Attorney who has spent a lifetime representing banks, insurance companies, developers, landlords, celebrities and white-collar criminals. These are some of the same special interests who might use their influence with the City Attorney’s office to get their way at City Hall. We can’t risk having a City Attorney who is susceptible to these influences. It is notable that the current City Attorney scandal involves players who were recruited from outside the office, from the private sector.

I strongly believe the next City Attorney should not be a career or wanna-be politician. If you want that in your next City Attorney that’s not me. For decades one City Attorney after another has tried to use (successfully or not) the office as a stepping stone to other political jobs. We don’t need another political opportunist in this office. We need a City Attorney, like myself, who will represent the interests of residents, not his or her political interests

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I Am the Only Candidate....

  1. I am the only candidate who supports the immediate removal of Dist. Atty. George “soft-on-crime” Gascon from office. Mr. Gascon has been a disaster. His extremist policies threaten our lives and the safety of our children. He must be recalled.

  2. I am the only candidate with a concrete plan for strengthening the city's willingness and ability   to enforce our laws - particularly those laws that are meant to keep our public spaces clean and safe.

  3. I am the only candidate who has promised to fight to amend or scrap a number of state laws,     including Prop. 47, that have handcuffed law enforcement and the City Attorney’s office in their   ability to fight crime.

  4. I am the only candidate with a concrete plan to fight corruption at City Hall by establishing an Office of Public Integrity, armed with real teeth to investigate and prosecute corrupt conduct, no matter where it’s found. This office would be completely free of political influence. It is shocking that City Hall has no watchdog to keep our city officials honest and working for us, not working to fatten their checkbooks. 

  5. I am that rare candidate who did not support nor pay lip-service to the reckless agenda of the defunding-the-police movement

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