I Am the Only Candidate....


  1. I am the only candidate who supports the immediate removal of Dist.
    Atty. George “soft-on-crime” Gascón from office. Mr. Gascón has been a disaster. His policies threaten our lives and those of our children. He must be recalled. 


  2. I am the only candidate with a concrete plan to fight corruption at City Hall by establishing an Office of Public Integrity, armed with real teeth to investigate and prosecute corrupt conduct, no matter where it’s found. This office (further details below) would be completely free of political influence.
    It is shocking that City Hall has no watchdog to keep our city officials honest and working for us, not working to fatten their checkbooks. 


  3. I am the only candidate who has promised to fight to amend or scrap a number of state laws that have handcuffed law enforcement and the City Attorney’s office in their ability to fight crime. More about my views on Prop. 47 below.

  4. I am that rare candidate in this field who supports funding – not defunding – the police and has not used rhetoric that demonizes law enforcement.

  5. I am a life-long registered Democrat and veteran member of the Korean-American Democratic Club but unlike several of my rivals,
    I am a moderate Democrat. 

REcall Gascón

LA has become less
safe with 

Gascón in office.


1  Crime

2. Fight Corruption

3. Protect Taxpayers

Prop 47

Bad idea gone worse.

Way too lenient on criminals.

Homeless crisis

Streets are overrun with homeless 
encampments and our misguided solutions are costing  us millions.

Affordable housing

The good and the bad....