Gascon's Soft-on-Crime Policies Cheered by Murderer!

“When a convicted murderer praises George “Soft-on-Crime” Gascon’s policies because they’ll get him out of prison early, it should be damned obvious: Los Angeles voters need to kick Gascon out of office,” says LA City Atty. candidate Richard Kim. “And they should do it now.”

Kim, a veteran prosecutor, is the only candidate for LA City Attorney who has joined the movement to remove Gascon from office in a recall election.

“It’s crazy,” says Kim, an LA Deputy City Attorney. “George Gascon is beloved by criminals because he’s on their side, not ours."

Kim was reacting to an audiotape of gang member Luis Angel Hernandez, convicted of murder in 2018. A jailhouse phone call Hernandez had with an associate has now gone viral. Hernandez tells his associate he’s joyous because Gascon’s policies will reduce his sentence by 10 years or more.

Hernandez tells his associate, in an expletive-studded phone call, that he is going to honor Gascon by having his name tattooed on his face. "I’m going to get that n-----’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there. F---in’ Gascón,” Hernandez said. “He’s making historic changes.”

“Gascon’so-called ‘historic changes’ threaten the safety of Los Angeles residents. A better historic change would be for voters to join me and fight to get rid of Gascon,” said Kim. “He’s a damned menace. We don’t need more killers on the street thanks to Gascon.”

Make LA safe: dump Gascon and on June 7 vote Richard Kim for LA City Attorney.

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