Vicious Robbery Gangs Are a ByProduct of Gascon’s Policies

Los Angeles, April 14, 2022 - City Attorney candidate Richard Kim applauded the Los Angeles Times for disclosing that “some” of the suspects involved in an epidemic of robberies in the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods were serial criminal gang members who were on the streets - instead of in jail - because of Dist. Atty. George Gascon’s ‘catch-and-release’ policies.

“The Times story reports a link between Gascon's policies (that the Times endorsed in 2020*) and a vicious epidemic of criminality where victims are being pistol-whipped and robbed outside their homes by violent thugs only hours after these same criminals were arrested and released from jail,” said Kim.

Kim is a supporter of the recall campaign to immediately remove Gascon from office. “Gascon’s 'catch-and-release policies pose an ongoing threat to public safety,” said Kim. "Los Angeles County voters need to fire Gascon, and the sooner they do it the better."

Kim is a veteran prosecutor in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office. He is the only one of the seven candidates running for City Attorney in the June 7 election who supports ousting Gascon from office in a special county-wide recall election. That special election will only happen if the anti-Gascon campaign obtains enough signatures in the next 78 days to put it on the ballot.

The third paragraph of the Times front-page story (entitled “Gangs Targeting L.A. Mega-Rich, Authorities Say” and published in the newspaper on Wednesday, April 13) states “in some cases, suspects have been arrested but released from custody, according to police, only to commit additional robberies.”

Twenty-five paragraphs later, the Times finally elaborated on this theme, reporting that Police Chief Michel Moore said this crime spree involves 17 gangs and is a “major concern....because those same suspects keep getting released from jail and reoffending while awaiting trial.”

“I am absolutely frustrated,” Moore told the Times.

The Times also reported that a week earlier, at an LA Police Commission public meeting, Moore “took the unusual step of briefing the Police Commission” about the story of Matthew Adams, 18, who was involved in eight robberies over a six-month period and arrested three times – but released all three times. Adams is now in custody after being arrested a fourth time on charges related to seven robberies.

The Times reported that Moore said he was “disappointed” that “the full weight of our existing laws” were not applied to Adams.

“I am not disappointed – I am outraged,” said Kim, an LA Deputy City Attorney for 20 years. “I am outraged that George Gascon’s 'catch-and-release’ policies threaten the safety of our Los Angeles residents. How many people were scared to death while being robbed at gun-point by these thugs? How many people were beaten and pistol-whipped by these violent criminals who – but for Gascon’s soft-on-crime policies – should have been in jail? How many more people will be beaten and pistol-whipped by thugs who are on our streets even now after being arrested and released by Gascon's policies?”

“This is why Gascon must be recalled,” said Kim. “I urge all registered voters in Los Angeles County to go on-line and sign the petition to remove Gascon from office.” Here’s the link to the website where petitions can be created and signed online. “You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to sign the petition. Just take care to follow the instructions,” said Kim. “And you can, if you follow the instructions, get others to sign the petition.”

*Los Angeles Times Oct. 2020 editorial endorsement of Gascon:

“Gascón is the right candidate at the right time in the largest local criminal justice jurisdiction in the United States. He brings with him the frontline experiences of a cop who saw the tough-on-crime ethic wreak havoc in the communities he policed, and is one of the few police leaders to question the old-style approach.”

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